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Bike touring: Not Glamorous, but Beautiful

Bike touring is not glamorous. But it is a beautiful way to travel. 101 miles yesterday, and 75 miles today.

Took a day off and had a great time in Paris, slept on the floor of an ’04 Notre Dame graduate from St. Louis, he’s been teaching English to French university students for the last seven years with no plans to repatriate. Good conversation, it was nice to be able to speak english, share experiences about living abroad & seeing America from a distance, and realizing how much influence America has on the rest of the world. Never having spent more than 36hrs there, every time I’m in Paris I think, ‘I can’t get enough of this city.’

A steady diet of Snickers bars and dried mangoes keeps me going. Every town southeast of Paris seems to be even prettier than the last one. I may need a “Thunder Thighs” rehabilitation program after this trip!

Rock on!

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