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C’est la Vie!

Such is life!

I can now manage to say a convincing “Bonjour” and enough French to say, “I would like one coffee, if you please, thank you very much.” Now that they think I speak French, and ask me a question, I am lost… A smile goes a very long way in a foreign language!

Yesterday I finally went through some wine country, although no grapes in April. I have not taken many pictures; sometimes I wish the miles would fly by, like when it’s cold rain and I’m going uphill. And when I’m trying to fly down the other side of a hill, it’s not easy to pull my phone out. I’ve averaged 84 miles/day since leaving Paris—101, 75, 75. 75 to go into Lyon, from there trying to skirt between the Massif Central west of me, and the Alps east of me. Looking forward to the coast – finally get a chance to try out the GoPro camera!

One thing I’ve learned is that the hill on the other side of town is never as steep as it looks, that the faster I pedal, the easier it is. Just like life—lean into adversity, and you get through it quicker. In the words of my new friend in Paris, “I’m just a guy who decided to get a bike and go on a bike tour.” But don’t sell yourself short. Decision is ultimate power. Go Pro. Be a Hero Today. Never let it be Amateur Hour.

Woke up to quite a treat, on my way to use McDonald’s wifi, Sunday morning market here in Chalon-sur-Saône. The best orange of my life! A whole loaf of Brioche bread, and a slice of cheese. Carbs & coffee, breakfast of champions. The French think about two main things—their two main meals!

20130421-121547 PM.jpg

2 comments on “C’est la Vie!

  1. Paulo Guimaraes
    April 24, 2013

    Yo Ryan, I’m definitely your fan! Keep up with the cycling and the posts! Enjoy France for me while I spend the whole day sat down, studying and bored

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